Rubies From My Eyes
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Crashing Through Your Veins

Funny how you never know / Where your heart is gonna go / Suddenly you're being pulled into a rising undertoe /
Boston could hardly ever be described as quiet; general sounds of the city never stopped there, and when she was younger, Faith had loved it. As an adult with a family, she hated it. The kids never slept, so she never slept, and as the years went by sleep became more and more crucial to her moods, while her lover seemed only more adorable after sleepless nights.
Had someone told her, standing on the cliff overlooking the ruins of Sunnydale, that within five years she would be a mother of two adopted children, and deeply in love, she would have laughed in their face. Had she been told after his death that she had never truly loved Robin, she would have screamed and hit things. God, she'd thought that night would break her. 
But Buffy helped her pick up the pieces, brought her out of New York, away from the memories, brought her to Boston to deal with her past and face her future, and Faith owed her happiness to the other Slayer. Of course, that could very well have nothing to do with Boston and everything to do with the way Buffy's kisses made the whole world seem lighter.
She could still remember the first, always would, no matter how drunk they'd been.
It was Christmas Eve, and Buffy was going stir crazy, so they'd gone out to a club, a seemingly innocent night out, until they started drinking. The world never didn't change when Buffy started drinking, though she did make an adorable drunk.

"I know someone who likesh you, Faithy," she'd whispered in Faith's ear. "Someone who likesh you a lot. I know coz ish me. Ish me, Faithy, and I never said... I kep' it a secret all thish time. I'm a good secret kisser... thash not what I meant..."

Nearly as drunk as Buffy herself was, Faith had turned and kissed her, full on on the lips, and Frenched it, too. The rest of the night was a blur, but they'd woken together, only partly clothed, and both with hangovers from Hell, and neither realizing that they didn't normally wake up half naked in bed together until Faith started rummaging through Buffy's dresser looking for her own clothing.

Now Faith's dresser took up the space next to Buffy's in the master bedroom, and she felt it acutely when the blond wasn't in their bed at night. That particular night, she was

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