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Warnings are only posted for NC17 fics. All fics lifted by pairings:
No Pairings:
Ties To The Past - my entry for the What If Ficathon; Kate and Lindsay have met up in San Diego.
Two People Pairings:
Limit - a VERY short mid season six fic.
Bathwater - post Chosen angst. Hints of B/A.
Out of the Woods - before she'll let him go, Buffy needs to talk to Riley about everything.
To Wonder At The Secrets - Buffy and Pike run away together after burning down Hemry.
Wrapped - in the process of a rewrite. Post Chosen, Buffy is involved with Faith and goes missing. Angel is involved in her rescue, and things happen...
Three of One Series - my main series, and the reason I built this site!