Near You Always
False Truths
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Part Thirteen

Sunnydale, Angel’s apartment, later


She stood nervous in front of his apartment door, mentally making sure that she was ready to face him. Her decision was made when she looked into his deep brown eyes as he opened the door.


She loved this man.


Buffy smiled up at him and Angel could do nothing but stare at her in awe. When he finally came to his senses again, he kissed her hello softly and let her in.


“Dinner’ll be ready soon.” he informed her as he saw her looking at the candlelit table in the living area.


“You cook?”


“Sometimes, for special guests.” he smiled wolfishly at her blush.


Angel bent his head down to kiss her again, slower and with more meaning than before. Pulling her towards him with an arm around her waist he cradled the nape of her neck with his other hand. She shuddered slightly, her mouth opening with a small sigh of submission that made him want to lean her backward over his arm, carry her to the bedroom and…


The sound of boiling water made him come out of his passioned haze. His head jerked up and he fled their embrace to see to the dinner in the kitchen. Buffy tried to steady herself and took a look around the room. Spotting some pictures on the mantelpiece, she went to get a closer look.


One showed an elderly couple, proudly presenting their grandson in a baby blanket. Another was of his mother and one of the two of them together. There was one of a group of men all laughing together into the camera as if making fun of themselves, Angel and Doyle being two of them.


“They’re my team from the department.” Angel’s voice startled her.


He had brought in dinner and they sat down to eat. For dessert they cuddled close on the couch and ate wine berries.


“Without seeds. My mother loves them.” Angel explained at her curious examination of the small fruits.


She popped one into her mouth and sighed.


“I like her taste, but I love her son much more.” she caught her breath after realising what she just said.


He did not say anything, just looked at her straight on, his eyes dark and unreadable. Suddenly he grabbed her around the waist pulling her so she sat on his lap facing him. He buried his face in her neck and groaned softly.


“I love you too.” he whispered against her soft skin making her shiver at the feel of his warm breath.


He kissed his way up to her mouth slowly worshiping her skin. Her breast rose against his chest as her mouth opened under his for their tongues to meet. His hands moved from her waist downwards, cupping her buttocks and pulling her even closer against him, making her moan at his touch. When one of Angel’s hands worked its way to the hem of her dress and slipped under it to stroke the bare skin of her thigh she broke the kiss gasping for air, but not shying away.




She began stroking his chest through his shirt, but the need to touch his bare skin grew; she opened the buttons of the dark silk one by one. When she circled one of his flat nipples with her fingertip he groaned searching for her mouth again and slightly moving his hips so she could feel his arousal pressing into her.


He moved his head down, kissing every inch of her skin he could reach, while his hands now cradled her bare ass under her dress cradling her against him. When he slipped his fingertips under the tiny wisp of fabric covering her mound, he moaned at the soft wetness he found hidden there.


With an effort that made him dizzy, he stopped.


“Please,” she whispered again, “I want you to.”


“Not here, not like this.” his voice sounded hoarse even to his own ears.


“Make love to me, Angel.”


His last bit of control shattered at the sound of her soft plea. He grabbed her ass more forcefully and ground his erection into her heat through the layers of cloth separating tem. His mouth found hers again and his tongue mimicked the actions his lower parts longed to engage in. her breathless moans were urging him on and just as he wanted to rise and carry her into his bedroom the doorbell rang.





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