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False Truths
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Part Twelve

Chase residence, Sunnydale, months later


She walked over to her large walk-in-closet ignoring the nervous wreck named Buffy, who was sitting on her bed.


“I’m so glad for your help, Cordy. I have absolutely no idea what to wear and my hair – what am I gonna do with it?” the blonde rambled.


“Buffy. You’ve been together with Angel for half a year now. How does he like your hair?” Cordelia cut her off from her position in the closet.


“Down. I could wear my red halter dress for the dinner.” Buffy relaxed after having made her decision.


Half a year. Half a year with all its ups and downs. Riley Finn had attacked her mother one evening, but he had not been prepared for an angry mother with a huge pan in hand. When she and Angel had arrived and found her mother checking the unconscious guy’s pulse, Angel had called his partners from the department. Doyle had looked at her strangely, but obviously he knew about her status in Angel’s life now.


Riley Finn had not been very cooperative and Angel had not been successful either. He was getting frustrated and Buffy could feel his growing anger towards himself.


The only time he seemed completely happy was when they had visited his mother in LA for Christmas. Mrs. Giles was a great woman, who loved her oldest son with all of her heart. Buffy still had not met Angel’s siblings, but he said it was better that way.


For her 18th birthday he had planned a surprise party for her at the Bronze. Her present from him had been a silver claddagh ring like the one she had seen his mother wore. She knew what it meant and never ever dared to take it off her ring finger.


She smiled dreamily at the memory of that night, not realising that Cordelia was looking at her strangely.


“Tonight the big night?” the brunette asked innocently. Too innocently for Buffy’s liking.


“What?” Buffy played dumb, even though she knew exactly what Cordelia wanted to know.


“Well, you know, you’ve been together quite some time now and it was obviously a great time. Don’t you wanna take the next step?” she asked seriously while sitting down next to Buffy.


“Erm…I , I just… I don’t know what to do.” Buffy finally whispered almost inaudibly.


“You don’t…? Oh.” It dawned on Cordelia what Buffy’s problem was. “Do you love him?” She asked bluntly.


“Yes, but I’m not sure if he loves me. I mean he never said it.” the blonde finished uncertainly.


“Mhmm, did you say it?”


“Erm, no…”


“Well, what about the ring you’ve been playing with ever since your birthday?”


“He gave it to me. It’s a claddagh and his mother wears one, too. When we visited her, she told me that it’s a sign of commitment when worn with the heart pointing in.” she held up her hand for closer inspection.


“Hmm, sounds rather serious, don’t you think? So he showed you his feelings, why don’t you go on and tell him tonight about how you feel?” Cordelia advised.




Later, same day, Summers residence


“Mom? I’m out.” Buffy called out to her mother not really knowing where Joyce was.


The petite blonde wore her hair down in golden locks and the red halter dress – just as she decided at Cordelia’s.


“So early? I thought you were going out with Angel tonight?” Joyce appeared in the door to the adjoining dinning room.


“Sure, but we’ll have to get tickets before or something like that.” Buffy quickly replied.


They were not going to a concert, but there are things your mom does not need to know and that you will be spending the evening dining at your older boyfriend’s apartment is one of them.


“Well, it’s a weekend – night, so I’d say midnight. But don’t disappoint me.”


“I won’t. Bye, mom.” She turned and opened the door.


“Buffy? Be careful, okay?”


“Always am.”


Not for the first time Buffy wondered if mothers could look right through their daughters all the time.






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