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False Truths
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Part Eleven

Summers’ residence, Sunnydale, 10:30


The clock chimed startling her out of her light slumber; she stood up from her favorite seat on the couch in the living room and stretched tiredly. Joyce Summers never noticed the shadow watching her through the window.




Outside of PPP, Sunnydale


The group stood on the sidewalk saying their goodbyes; girls hugged, boys exchanged friendly banter and handshakes.


“You’ll call me when you’re home?” Willow whispered in Buffy’s ear winking at her best friend’s blushing face.


“Sure, by the way, what time is it?”


“Shortly after 10:30, so we should get going, Buffy.” Angel responded after checking his watch.


“Right. See ya, guys.” the blonde called back over her shoulder when walking away holding hands with her boyfriend.




Summers’ residence


She was just tidying up the living room; others might call it waiting-for-your-oldest-daughter-to-come-home, when she heard a knock on the door. Buffy had a key and therefore would never knock. Curious as to whom might knock on doors at half past ten, Joyce went to the door and looked through the peephole – the trustworthy face of Riley Finn looked back at her as if exactly knowing that she was there.


“What do you want? It’s kind of late, you know?” she asked as politely as she could while opening the door.


“Hello, Mrs. Summers. I’m from Buffy’s school and wanted to talk to you about her problems.” Riley answered hoping that she would take the bite.


“Problems? Come on in then.” Joyce stepped back letting him in.


“Thank you, m’am.”


She never noticed the slightly uncomfortable look on his face.




Revello Drive


“It was nice.” he said hoping to cheer her up a little. He failed.


“Well, it would have been ‘nicer’, if Aunt Claire hadn’t been there.” she huffed.


“Hey.” Angel mumbled softly tilting up her chin so her eyes locked with his.


She smiled back half-heartedly and touched his face with her palm.


“It’s not your fault. First I unwillingly invite the whole gang to join us and then…” she stopped in frustration.


“Buffy, it doesn’t matter as long as I’ve got the chance to be with you, okay?” he told her seriously.


When she nodded her head he smiled and pressed a small kiss on her lips. That’s what he had planned on doing at least. Buffy would have none of it and deepened the kiss by holding him captive with her hand on his nape. His arms slipped around her while her tongue tangled with his in a battle of exploration rights.


“You know, with your boyfriend waiting at home, you shouldn’t behave like that, young lady!” a voice cut through their passionate haze.


Buffy froze, she knew the owner of the voice to be the old widow Cunningham from down the street. Mrs. Cunningham never liked either her or Dawn; Loud, unfriendly brats she had always called them.


“Excuse me? I’m with my boyfriend right now, so how can he be at my house?” Buffy asked politely catching Angel’s hand in hers to reassure him that nothing was wrong.


“Well, Ms. Summers, I wouldn’t think of it as beyond you to have blond guy at home while going out with dark guy.” the old woman snarled.


Buffy gasped, but before she could answer Angel started walking down the street tugging her along with him.


”Why did you do that?” she asked surprised at his action.


“Because you were going to say something the old lady would have to look up in a dictionary.” he said calmly.


“And that would have been a problem?”


“No, it would have cost time; time I’d rather be spending on finding out what Blonde guy is in your house this late.”





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