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False Truths
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Part Eight

Sunnydale High, corridor, afternoon

He hurried along the deserted corridor looking at his watch and saw he was running late. He had hoped to escape Holtz’ clutches earlier so as not to make Buffy wait up for him. Looking up again, he was barely able to stop before he ran over the principal.

“Mr. Giles, come with me.” Snyder ordered, not allowing any disobedience.

“Sure, Sir.” Angel replied gruffly following the troll.

Just before they rounded the corner Angel’s practised eyes caught a movement at the other end of the hallway. The double doors leading into the library opened and Angel’s stomach made a back flip.

But his hopes were dashed; it was not Buffy but a blond all-American boy Angel did not know. The guy carried a book under his arm that explained why he had been at the library.

Angel sighed inaudibly before turning again to follow Snyder.


Sunnydale High, courtyard, later

She was fuming. How dare he stand her up! Buffy had waited until Giles went home and he had tried to cheer her up with stories from Angel’s childhood. They had laughed, but she had recognized the worried look on Giles’ face. He didn’t know what caused the absence of his nephew and therefore he was uneasy.

When Giles had decided that neither of her two pen friends would show, she had gone outside where she was now sitting on one of the benches. She pulled out the letter again, reading it for at least the twentieth time that day just to quiet her doubts about the truth of his words.

Looking up again she noticed the black convertible in the student parking area. So he was there after all! Buffy went over to the car and touched the hood checking if it was still warm from the engine.

It wasn’t. So he had been here for quite some time.

Buffy felt light-hearted once again and threw her bag on the backseat of the open car. Then she hopped on top of the gleaming hood deciding to wait for Angel by his beloved car, since he would not leave without it.


Sunnydale High, corridor

He had finally escaped Snyder’s office. Angel checked the huge clock on the school wall and muttered a curse under his breath. He hurried to the library only to find it deserted. No sign of Giles or Buffy anywhere.

He sprinted outside in the hope of catching up with Buffy on her way home. Upon seeing her perched on top of his car, though, he slowed down to a walk.

“Hey you.” He smiled at her and stood in front of her sitting form.

“Hey.” She smiled shyly up at him.

“I’m sorry for being late, but first Holtz and then Snyder…” Angel gave a helpless shrug. “So I take it you got the letter?”

“Actually, I got two…” And she told him everything about the fake note in her locker.

“I feared that something like this might happen.” He sighed and took her hands in his. “The deal you reported led us on their trace, so I can even understand that you’re not their favorite person at the moment… You have to be careful, Buffy, promise me.” He looked into her eyes and saw her dawning understanding of the gravity of her situation.

“But how? I mean, how do they come to know it was me? They didn’t see me, I’m sure.” Her voice was frantic

The arising of fear in her eyes warmed his heart for (towards) the beautiful creature in front of him. He stepped closer separating her legs through his movement.

“Buffy, I don’t know, but I’ll find out, okay?” he asked softly still maintaining eye contact.


‘Didn’t I want to stop saying this word in his presence?’

But her mind was clouded by the closeness of his body. She decided to ask the question that had been burning on her tongue since she read his letter the very first time.

“So, you erm really wanna be with me? Even if it’s against the rules? I Mean you could loose your job and then – “

Angel interrupted her babbling the only way he knew; he sealed her lips with his own. Letting her hands go he seized her by the waist pulling her even closer to his chest. Her hands encircled his neck and her fingers played with the soft short strands on his nape. She opened her mouth enough for him to slip his tongue inside where it fought with hers for dominance.

Buffy moaned softly holding him even closer. When the need for breath got to much they parted their lips, but pressed their foreheads against each other.

“Does that answer your question?” He breathed softly.



Summers residence, later

“Thank you for driving me home.” Buffy said marvelling at the feel of his strong arms encircling her.

“My pleasure.” He answered just as softly before grazing her still slightly swollen lips with his own.

They would have continued if not for Joyce Summers opening the front door and calling Buffy inside.

“Well, I guess I should go.” She did not look happy at the prospect of leaving him.

“Okay. Movies tomorrow?” He rushed out.

“Sure. Erm, well, until tomorrow then.”

“Tomorrow.” He repeated the word silently to himself as he watched her disappearing inside her house.

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