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The fics below are all rated less than NC17, so rest assured that you're safe here. :P Titles that are bold have won awards. :P
Dangerous - Angel reflects on the more normal things that could hurt his Slayer. Major fluff warning.
Died Alone - years into the future, Buffy thinks in a bar.
Journal - A glimpse into Buffy's heart
You - A graduation song fic. 'Nough said.
Mystery Guest - Buffy's daughter gets to know a stranger in her home.  WINNER: The Black Rose Award, from the Potential Awards
Love Is - After the death of her husband, Buffy ponders the meaning of love.
A Reason To Smile - A (not so good) ficlet from Smile Time.
All Ye Faithful - Angel thinks about religion and his saving grace.
The Little Things - Buffy and Angel and fluff and high school...
The Perfect Day - Ficathon fic, with Buffy, Angel, sunlight and a football game.
A Son Is Given - Instead of Holtz, Wesley gave Connor to Buffy. Years into the future, Cordelia gets married.
Not That Girl - Cordelia thinks about what it would be like to be involved with Angel.