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A Son Is Given
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Part Two

Part Two


Buffy dropped her bags on the plush carpet and glanced around the suite Cordy and David had set her up in. The inn where they were getting married  was once a castle and as such was gloriously well decorated. And she had one of the nicest suites available.


"Put me down!" Connor hollered at the top of his lungs. "I wanna see the room! Put me down!"


Buffy heard footsteps follow her into the room and wasn't surprised to see her son kicking his uncle Spike. "Alright tike, I'll put you down, but you can't hit me or your mum or anyone else," Buffy had to force herself not to laugh. William the Bloody, tormentor of Europe and occasionally Sunnydale, was telling a six year old not to fight.


"It's not okay, Connor," she managed to scold softly.


"I'm sorry Uncle Spike," Connor apologized in his guilty voice before running and jumping on the bed. "Is this where I sleep?"


"Sorry, squirt, thats where Mommy and Uncle Spike sleep, you get that one," Buffy pointed to the smaller version of the same bed, a four poster in a golden hued wood.


"Does that make Spike my Daddy?"


Buffy and her friend shared a look, and Spike spoke first. "No, sometimes grownups just share a bed without being somebody's Mommy and Daddy," he answered. "That's what were going to do."


"Oh," Connor looked a little deflated as he asked "Do I have a Daddy?"




"Angel," Michelle slid next to him in the limo, pressing herself impossibly close to his body. "Have I told you how happy I am that you invited me to be your date?"


This is not how I planned this, he thought to himself. He and Michelle were not supposed to be a couple for this ceremony, just friends. Close, work friends like they were at the office. Not friends with benefits.


"Because I really don't want to forget," she continued. "Maybe I could show you?"


When he felt her tongue on his neck he jumped to the other side of the car. "I don't want you to get the wrong idea," Angel began. "You're really very attractive, I'm just not interested in that."


"Oh, thank God," Michelle grinned at him. "Me either. I just figured well, youre the boss, and its a romantic vacation, and it is Wolfram and Hart." Angel stared at his employee for a minute. Could she really have believed hed invited her for sex? It is Wolfram and Hart.


"No," he assured her firmly. "I just didn't want to go alone. My ex is going to be there, and my friend, the one who's getting married, is always pressuring me to date; I thought if I showed up with someone, even just a friend, they'd get off my back."


"Your ex, huh?" Michelle smirked. "The infamous Buffy Summers? Talk of the office, love of your unlife."


That would be her, Angel shrugged a little and turned to look out the window. The English scenery flew by as the car drove and Angel allowed the thoughts of blond hair and green eyes to seep into his head.




"Ice!" Spike yelled into the hallway and Buffy groaned. Cookies for Connor, crackers (preferably Wheetabix) for Spike, and God only knew what he would do with them, chocolate milk, coffee, and something sweet, and now ice. She should have sent Spike to the vending machines.


A door creaked open down the hall and Buffy ignored it, assuming none of Cordelia's guests would have arrived as early as she had. Reaching the machines, Buffy pulled out her wallet, when a cold hand touched her shoulder. "Dammit, Spike, what else do you want... Angel?"


When she turned to see her former love, she could have sworn her heart stopped. "Buffy," he murmured softly. "I wasn't expecting you so soon."


"Ditto," Buffy shrugged. "Bachelorette party."


Angel smiled. "You seem thrilled," he commented and Buffy laughed. "But how could you not be? I assume there's a stripper involved."


"Actually I'm supposed to find out if David's having one and make plans from there," she explained, "Cordy's way of checking up on him, or something. But I'm not hiring one either way."


"Good, because I was supposed to find out if Cordy wanted one and base my plans on that," Angel admitted. And I wasn't going to hire anyone either.


"Naked women not your thing?" Please, God say no, Buffy begged mentally, wanting to kick herself for asking. She wasn't ready to discuss Angels sex life. She wasn't ready for Angel to have a sex life if it wasn't with her.


His eyes darkened, almost imperceptivitly, but not in a bad, angry way. "Depends on the woman," he replied, stepping a few steps closer to her. Buffy took a step back until her back touched the machine. Angel was right in front of her and she could easily reach up and grab him.


"A Angel?" She swallowed hard and rose a hand to his face. His lips met hers passionately, and Buffy reached to pull him closer. Their situation never ceased to amaze her; she couldn't even speak to him for five minutes without groping against a vending machine.


"I've wanted to do that for six years," he gasped against her lips.


"Why haven't you?"


"It's not that simple," Angel argued. "You have a son and I'm still a vampire"


"None of that matters," Buffy whispered. "I mean, of course my son matters, but that shouldn't keep you away... would you like to meet him?"


"I'd like that," Angel nodded.




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