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Little Things

Disclaimer: If I owned 'em, I would be able to afford a paid site, and I wouldn't be writing fanfiction.
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Rating: G
Spoilers: Takes place early season two, but no spoilers.
A/N: Therapudic fluff over my own grades this semester. :(
"Sometimes I wish I could get upset about little things," Buffy said quietly, stroking Angel's hand gently as they curled up together in his apartment. "At Hemry, I was the perfect high schooler. I as involved in everything and it was news if I got an A-, and now..."
"Now you're saving the world," Angel gave her a sad smile. "Most Slayers never go to school."
"I know that, I do," Buffy sighed, resting her head on his shoulder. She stared at their hands, wondering if she would ever tell him how grateful she was for all the big things she had that her predecessors never had, namely him. "And I would never complain about my grades to Giles, but... I just, I wish I had time to do stuff other than slay. I miss studying."
Angel pulled his hands from hers. "If you need time, I could..."
"No," Buffy turned so that their noses were touching. "Please, I don't want to stop seeing you. I need to be able to see you."
"... help you study," Angel finished with a smile. Buffy blushed, but inside she was thrilled that he didn't want to give up their time together either. "I am old."
"Yeah, but not everything I'm studying is as old as you," she smiled back and kissed him softly. "It was sweet of you to offer though."
"Buffy, I want you to be happy," Angel argued, softly but firmly, holding her closer still. "I want to be a part of your life; if I don't know something, we'll learn together."
"If you're sure," she shrugged, but Angel could see that she was glowing. He never said he loved her in as many words, but the other things he did and things he told her let her know how he felt, and every time he went and said something incredibly touching and romantic like he was now, she turned to mush inside. He was 250 years old, and he chose her, a little sixteen year old who'd only had a few chaste relationships before him. A little girl who'd never known the feelings he incited in her before.
"I'm positive," he answered. Kissing her again. Their tongues met briefly, before he pulled his head back.
"Willow will be disappointed," Buffy said, not wanting to upset her friend. "But she has her hands full with Xander."
She shrugged again and threw her arms around her boyfriend's neck, and kissed him again, this time opening her mouth in a blatant invitation. His tongue met hers again, and she held onto it, pulling him closer to her and staying pressed up against him until she had to breath.
"So," Buffy panted. "What do you know about the Civil War?"
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