Near You Always
Broken Balance
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Part Two

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My friends,
By the time you find out what I've done you won't want to be called taht any more. You won't ever understand taht they're bad. They're evil and that's what I do. They hurt Dawnie.
Willow, I know what you would say and I'm not going to argue. You and Giles are probably right and I'm bad now too, but I have to do this. I have to for Dawnie, even if you never love me again. Even if no one ever loves me again, I have to.
Xander, you can't ever forgive me for what I've already done, and I'm sorry. I wish I could be the one you loved all those years ago, and I wish I could have loved you, but I'm not and I couldn't. Maybe we would both have been better off, but we ended up the way we did, and we can't change that.
Remeber the one you loved,not this one.
Willow entered the house, nervously squeezing Tara's hand. She could feel the darkness shrouding the house in pain, and she really did not want to find out why. Tara froze beside her and Willow turned to look at her girlfriend. "What?"
"I... it's not just the h-house anymore," Tara whispered. "Th-the whole t-town is so d-dark."
Holding each other close they walked through their home, which seemed empty and ordinary. Except Buffy had said she and Dawn were doing a "Sister's Day" on minimal budget and they would be home baking all day. There should have been loud music and laughter instead of nothing. Tara gestured to the stairs and the feeling of dread clutched her heart tighter.
After what seemed like forver, they finally reached the bedrooms. Dawn lay on her bed, staring at the cieling and Willow called her name. "Willow don't..." Tara was too late. Willow walked to the bed and gasped in horror.
Blood covered the teen's shirt, as she clutched Buffy's beloved stuffed pig, Mr. Gordo,in her arms. A note was folded up in his bow tie and Willow pulled it free.
"Xander please," Willow sobbed into the phone. "Please, you have to come, it's important."
"How can you just forgive her?" Xander paced his small apartment angrily. Was everyone in Sunnydale blind? Spike was evil, a monster to be put down. Especially now that they knew he could hurt Buffy. But instead of staking him, the Scoobies were welcoming him with open arms, like a boy scout."She lied to us, Willow. She hid from us. She..."
"Shut up!" Willow screached. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Dawn's dead, Xander, and Buffy was here with her when it happened, so shut up!"
"Dawn's... oh God, Buff," Xander fell back into his chair. "No. No she can't be..."
"Please get over here."
The blind, stumbling Buffy was gone. The Buffy who'd known the difference between right and wrong, who'd cared about that difference, was no more, replaced by the Super Slayer she'd become. Using a more powerful version of the spell they'd used to defeat Adam, she'd reached the full potential of a Slayer, a height no one before her had ever reached.
Warren would pay for his crimes, as would Johnathen, Andrew and Spike. Evil in itself would pay.
"We are the right," she growled. "And our power will be known."
He's in a cave, a voice told her. He's hiding from us. Find him.The voice was plural, multiple beings in her mind, Slayers she guessed.
"Yes," she whispered. "We'll find him." A wind blew up around her, leaves and grass swirling in a tornado around it's eye. But unlike a natural tornado, the eye was nothing but calm.
"Alright, I'm here, what do you want?" Angel groaned. Connor had kept him up half the night with his unhappy wails. The baby was teething and he wasn't enjoying it. When he, and consequentially Angel, had finally fallen asleep and Cordy demanded that he meet her in the lobby immediately.
His annoyance faded the minute Angel saw the Seer's face. She was pale and drawn, clearly shaken by something. "Angel, you should sit down," she said softly, taking his hand and leading him to the sofa.
"Cordelia, what's going on?"
"I had a vision," she answered evasively. "It was of Buffy..."
The entire world stopped as it all rushed back to him, the emotions, the danger, the trust of their relationship, the depth of his love for her. He knew in that second that he'd never actually loved Cordy, no matter how he'd tried. Buffy was everything.
"What... what did you see?" he managed to mumble, after attempting to calm the nerves he'd suddenly found alive and rushing through him. "Is she hurt?"
Cordelia winced visibly. "Not physically, well, physically, but she'll be okay... Angel, how much do you know about her life since she came back?"
"Nothing," he admitted. "We haven't been in contact."
"Well, it hasn't been good. She's in a world of hurt and it's making her different. I don't have time to go into details, but she did something to herself, to make her stronger, but..." she sighed, not sure of what to say. "It's made her insane. She can't differentiate between pure evil and human flaw anymore and she's going to hurt people, good people, if you don't help her."
"Please God help me," Warren whispered. The Slayer before him,pure Slayer for her soul had shrunk back in pain, cackled.
"They can't hear you," Buffy snickered. "No one will ever hear you again."
She didn't waste her time 'punishing' him. There was enough of her left to be merciful as she lifted a plant from the caves dirt floor. By her will it became a knife, and plunged into Warren's heart. "One down," the Slayer smiled in satisfaction as the dirt swallowed his corpse.

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